Brockie & Det / Ash & Cogee – Kool FM 16th Jan 1994


Fracture · 0860.fm MIX #9 BROCKIE & DET / ASH & COGEE on KOOL FM 16TH JAN 1994

This is tape that was sent in by an old friend Charlie McFarley. It’s a bit of Brockie & Det and then it’s a bit of Ash & Cogee on Kool FM 16th Jan 1994. All of the MCs on Kool had such iconic voices and Det has got to be up there with the most instantly recognisable. Always so full of vibe and energy. I absolutely love the shout that Cogee reads out to “The Lady Like Joanne” and how she’s brocking out in the kitchen. As he mentioned on Twitter recently, let’s hope she still is.

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