DJ Clarky on Eruption FM 17th Aug 1996


Fracture · 0860.fm MIX #11 Clarky on Eruption FM Aug 17th 96

A recording of DJ Clarky on Eruption 101.3 FM from 17th August 1996 – in the midst of ‘The Blue Note era’. Clarky worked at Black Market Records, which became BM Soho, and also played at the Metalheadz Blue Note sunday sessions in the mid 90s. He played across the board from chilled atmospheric to raw tech step and this set is exactly that – There are a couple of Dillinja tracks on here I didn’t immediately recognise, so perhaps some unreleased stuff on here? the tape was recorded and passed on to me by my friend Rob Phokus whom I’ve known since the early drumfunk years and has been a big part in the runnings of Scientific Wax. He sent me a load of amazing recordings so look out for those coming very soon on 0860.fm. Big up Rob!

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