DJ Wize & Boots HiFi on Dream FM November 1996


The tape its self has no info on it but Boots Hi-Fi mentions the upcoming Dream FM 3rd Birthday Party at the Adrenaline Village which dates it at early November 1996. My friend Daniel went digging in his cellar to find this one and it is bringing back some mad memories.

Dream FM is a station I haven’t mentioned that much on 0860 but it too had a big part in my life. They were huge in the mid 90s and I love how in this recording they’re constantly holding the phone to the mic while it rings to show how much it’s popping off. Dream provided the sound track to some of my early raving days. At that time we were too young, too skinny and too scared to go to the raw Jungle clubs we wanted to – most of the time they wouldn’t let us in with our fake IDs anyway – so we went to Happy Hardcore and Old Skool raves and thus got heavily into Dream FM as they primarily played that music. The Hardcore raves were a bit more loved up and they didn’t seem to mind letting us in at 16 years old. They played a very specific sound – it’s not like the Jungle that Kool FM played, but it does cross over and it’s not like the 4/4 Trancey Happy Hardcore that came a few years later – but again, at times it does cross over. It’s a wonderful blend of unashamed hands-in-the-air energy and rugged, moody Jungle. It really is quite special. A song that captures that vibe perfectly is Slammin’ Vinyl’s In Effect – it has an MDMA piano line and an absolutely rude and deadly breakbeat work out. Perfect. Krome & Time also nailed that sound with The Slammer – a track that faithfully recreates the feeling of being on a fairground ride that you’d often find at the raves – ups, downs and feeling a little bit sick. So here is DJ Wize & Boots Hi-FI on Dream FM from early November 1996…

Fracture · 0860.fm MIX #8 DJ Wize & Boots HiFi on Dream FM November 1996

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