Eastman (Kool FM)


Wow, what can I say about this guest. This is the guy that sparked this whole project off. The legendary Kool FM founder – Eastman. I really can’t quite express how grateful I am for what he and Kool FM did for me growing up. My life would certainly be very different without them. In my eyes he certainly is a legend but he is so incredibly humble about the whole thing – it’s really very grounding. Kool FM started in 1991 and are still going. It’s without doubt London and the UK’s most iconic pirate station. There’s a great interview he did on Uncle Dugs Rinse FM show which I recommend you go and check out for details about setting Kool up but I wanted to dig in a bit deeper and find out about some of the studios they used and his recollection of the classic phoneline number . . . 0860 395 262

Fracture · 0860.fm INTERVIEW #6 – EASTMAN

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