Mantra (Rude FM, Rupture)


Fracture · 0860.fm INTERVIEW #8 – MANTRA

The unstoppable DJ Mantra. At this point she needs little introduction but if you don’t know she – along with partner Double O – is responsible for what has become London’s premier Jungle night – Rupture. They’re actually just about to celebrate their 16th year running. It’s a grass roots event and community and this extends to her work with EQ50 – a collective of women working towards fairer representation within drum and bass.

A real pleasure to talk to and we discuss how she was introduced to Pirate Radio by over-hearing her older brother listening to stations in his bedroom and how she started off her fascination with it all as a garage raver. She’s just someone who is so in touch with grass roots and the building of communities – and these are topics that come up time and time again in this chat.

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