Naina & Sherelle (Reprezent, NTS)


Fracture · 0860.fm INTERVIEW #11 – NAINA & SHERELLE

This episode I have something slightly different in that the guests don’t have a background in Pirate Radio as they were too young at the time but are from the generation that are certainly influenced by it. I think it’s incredibly important to speak with younger people involved in radio and to discuss the legacy and to hear their thoughts. So – I give you the incredible and dynamic duo Naina and Sherelle. Both came through the community station based in Brixton – Reprezent. It’s a great station and I’ve had the pleasure of playing on there a few times.

We discuss the links between Pirate Radio and the current day. Their understanding of the legacy and how they continue that legacy. Again there are links to community as Naina talks about her work with No ID, a collective and party series focussing on South Asian Talent and as Sherelle talks about Beautiful – a new label platform for Black and LGBTQI+ artists. I love these guys, I love their energy and the respect they have for the culture.

0860 is an album, mixtape, radio station and interview series that explores the history and legacy of Pirate Radio and its importance in the development of UK underground music.

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