Om Unit & Laurent Fintoni


Fracture · 0860.fm INTERVIEW #10 Om Unit & Laurent Fintoni

Om Unit & Laurent Fintoni ran an early online stream from their front room in Tulse Hill called La Maisonette Electronique from 2010 to 2013. It was a real community hub with artists from all over the world crashing at their flat while on tour and then playing on the stream. It was an incredible time of cross pollination of styles and really helped paved the way for me to make tracks such as Loving Touch and opened my ears to artists outside of my Jungle roots. We went off on a real deep conversation about music – Footwork Jungle and the LA beat scene, the effect of the internet and how community can continue to exist in an online sense.

Be sure to check out Om Unit’s new album Acid Dub Studies and Laurent’s book ‘BEDROOM BEATS & B-SIDES’

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