Tim Reaper (Jungletrain / NTS)


Fracture · 0860.FM INTERVIEW #13 – Tim Reaper

Now on 0860.fm is a conversation with the prolific and ever enthusiastic Tim Reaper.

I’ve been wanting to speak to him for some time for many reasons but mainly because he makes incredibly authentic Jungle but comes from a time after the Pirate Radio era. We speak about his understanding of Pirate Radio and the impact it’s had on the music. We discuss the concept of nostalgia and the use of nostalgia when making Jungle music. We also discuss his love for the DIY ethos – it runs through everything he does, including making music on a laptop on the train with Ear Buds, to the way he runs his record label Future Retro London. it’s very grass roots and he uses it both as a platform for showcasing the best in modern Jungle but also to give younger and up and coming producers a place for early releases in their career. He’s very community minded and very DIY minded and authenticity runs through everything he does.

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