Uncle Dugs (Rinse FM)


Fracture · 0860.FM INTERVIEW #12 – Uncle Dugs

Get ready people, we have an amazing episode up next on 0860.fm – The incredible multi-award-winning rave historian – Uncle Dugs. Pirate Radio runs through this man’s veins. From his early days on Conflict in the mid 90s, through to time on Kool London and then with Rinse FM as station manager and now weekly Friday morning show. But, what makes dugs so great is that he comes from a listener background. He was as fascinated and infatuated with Pirate Radio as I was. He still gets excited at the mention of it and was very much into the idea of sitting down for a chat with me for the project. We’d never met but got on instantly due to our shared history – and I think that’s testament to the wide community the Pirate Radio created and nurtured. He talks about his love of Kool FM as a listener and about his time on various stations as a DJ.

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