Warlock (Pulse FM)


Fracture · 0860.fm INTERVIEW #14 Warlock

Warlock played on the notorious Pulse FM in the early 90s but started his pirate radio career before that by starting his own station from his university halls of residence. The main reason I wanted to talk to him was that he was involved in a studio raid in which the police and DTI broke down the studio door and confiscated his records. He’s an amazing archivist that holds memories close to his heart but is also always looking to the future for the next sound with excitement and intrigue. Back in the 90s he was lucky enough to get a test press of Rufige Crew’s seminal Terminator and we discuss what it was like playing it on Pulse FM and the interaction with the listeners. A really wonderful conversation with loads of stories and anecdotes. He’s still active and makes amazing forward thinking hardcore and techno influenced music as Hooverian Blur.

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