Warlock on Pulse FM 1st Dec 1992


Fracture · 0860.fm MIX #13 Warlock on Pulse FM 1st Dec 1992

Next on 0860.fm is an incredible recording of DJ Warlock on Pulse FM 90.6 from December 1992 – that amazing era just before Jungle came along in full effect.

He hand picked this recording for the project because he plays Rufige Crew’s Terminator on Test Press the week before it came out. I’m sure you know the track but if you don’t then make sure to check it out – it’s one of the most influential Hardcore tracks of all time. Warlock was known for that bit in between Hardcore, Techno and Rave and this tape is a perfect example of that. Impeccable selection and I must admit, quite a few I didn’t know. Check out his interview in the 0860.fm archive and also his current monthly shows on Rinse FM. He lives and breaths this culture.

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